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A Guide to Autumn in Provence

When I was fifteen, my French teacher described an illustrious autumn she’d once spent in France. Apparently forgetting that she was stood inside a glorified port-a-cabin – the heady mix of teenage angst and Charlie Red surrounding her – Madame Lawless was elsewhere; transported back to a lavender-scented autumn in Provence, circa 1978. ‘It’s during this time that I learnt that French skill– L’Art de…

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A Road Trip to the Lake District with Europcar

Stepping out of the car as a cascade of golden leaves fell down, I wrapped my scarf tightly around my neck. The air was thick with the smell of wood smoke and a mist was quickly forming; the Lake District’s famous hills only just visible behind our holiday home. After a four hour journey north (with only Laura’s singing for company) – and our road…

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How To Spend A Weekend in Venice, Los Angeles

The mid-morning sun crept through the wooden slats of the veranda, casting a dappled light that decorated our table and warmed our backs. From inside the restaurant came the whir of an espresso machine; the hum of conversation rising and falling above its whistles. Leaning back in my chair, the scent of freshly baked sourdough bread and coffee surrounded us. It seemed to be the…

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A Luxury Weekend Stay at The Grand Hotel & Spa York

Bursting into tears wasn’t exactly the reaction I’d hoped for after ushering my friend into her suite at The Grand Hotel & Spa York. Staring in horror as tears slid down her face, I asked her what was wrong. “Nothing is wrong at all”, she said, “this is just overwhelming.”  Collapsing onto the plush sofa that filled the Heritage Suite, she grabbed a glass of champagne…

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A Review: Our Premium Economy Flight to LA with Air New Zealand

How often do we shake ourselves from our airline rut? Forget our loyalty schemes and air miles, and try something new? As self-confessed airline bores, the majority of our travels have consisted of the same airline and the same well-thumbed inflight magazine. Until earlier this month, that is. Below is our review of our Premium Economy flight to LA with Air New Zealand; a flight…

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A 48 Hour Guide to Edinburgh

Once dubbed the ‘Athens of the North’, Edinburgh is my kind of city. Steeped in history, philosophy, awe-inspiring architecture and plenty of malt whiskey, it’s the sort of place that welcomes its visitors with crackling fires and fog-shrouded landscapes. Indeed, I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t like Edinburgh – its cobbled streets or Tolkienesque pubs. It’s that sort of city that everyone loves and everyone has…

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A Review of Wuka Period Pants

Sanitary wear: it’s a subject yet to grace the pages of TTT. As a travel blogger, I’ll be the first to admit that my period hasn’t exactly been front of mind when writing about adventures new. Caught up in heady descriptions of St Lucia’s canopied hills or Finland’s inky lakes, a frank evaluation of how my Always Maxi pad held out during an eight hour…

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How to Start a Podcast

I was introduced to my first podcast back in December 2014, when my brother sent a link to the hit series, Serial. Pressing ‘play’ on the first episode as I boarded a night flight home from Washington DC, I hoped it might act as a sleeping aid; some background noise to block out the sound of the passengers around me. Fast forward nine hours, however and as…

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TTT Blog Mentorships: giving back to our community

“It takes a village”, as the saying goes. It’s an important reminder to us all: a little nudge to reassure us that life needn’t be a solo effort, that two heads are better than one, that a problem shared is a problem halved. Yet, in the increasingly competitive world of social media and blogging, it seems to be a sentiment that’s been all too quickly…

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A City Break Guide to Bologna

A place so renowned that it boasts not one, but three nicknames, Bologna is Italy’s juiciest city. Known fondly as La Grassa, the fat one, La Rossa, the red one and La Dotta, the learned one, Bologna boasts three distinct characters. Occupying prime position on my city break bucket list for several years now, I decided to visit Bologna as part of my 32nd birthday celebrations. Offering…

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Our Photography Tips for Bloggers

It’s difficult to stress just how important photography has been to our travel blogging career. In fact, it’s perhaps been the linchpin upon which it’s all turned: every press trip, every collaboration and every penny earned dependent on the flash of my battered Canon. When we began Twins That Travel in 2014, we quickly realised the disruptive role that Instagram would play within the tourism…

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